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star portal

Posted about almost 5 years by stinko

Once on a planet called plaster there were people and a robot called robo and people in suits called troops there sorda like clone troopers but in blue suits.There are other people on the planet but there not to important.They where driving through space in there starship when tiny aliens started attacking their ship. Captain pressed the button that made a machine gun come out of the front of the ship.Then the captain said(there wont be aliens for long).Then one of the men said (captain theres a possibility one of the aliens goo could splatter all over the windshield and we could go flying through that portal).Nonsense.But then just like the man said splat! swoosh! They awoke in another demention.I didnt mention this at the beggining of the story but the troops have frisbee looking things but there medal and they float and they stand on them they stick to there back lets call them medal frisbees.Anyways they stood on them and floated around everywhere looking for a place to get out.Looks like were stuck in another demention.Captain said.chapter2.As they walked they found a colossal turtle chewing on a leaf some pulled their guns on it and some pulled their lazords.A lazord is a sword with a lazer at the end.Turns out the turtle wasnt dangerous well it did chew on captains hair but other then that it was cool.They saw a giant hole in the ground.Captain looked in and saw a star ship.16hrs later they had it fixed up and ready to go.chapter3.They couldnt really get it drivin right so robo had to do it because he was the only robot.When they got in space they realized it looked diffrent like some planet was shaped like a diamond and one was a square and there were all kind of shapes but there planet wasnt there.chapter4.They kept looking and they even sent the troops out on there medal frizbees. Then one troop found the portal and told everyone and they were home. The End

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