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Chpt. 1

Posted about almost 5 years by Marshmilla101

I looked at Mike like he lost his mind but I knew he was telling the truth....I looked down at his hands and there it was the note tht changed it all...he then again walked up and presented the note to my face just as he did before I kicked h*ll through him...
" Ivory,I know this is late but you need to understand I never meant to hurt you...and since we don't have much time to explain...This note is the only way for you to it and then do everything in this list.-" Mike pulls out another small note on lined paper with my name written in small inky cursive letters. " Plz do them...I only want you safe." As he leans in for a hug I back away shaking my head ....I snatch the two letters from him and run out of the alley....As I reach Starr's house I am out of breath.
"How did it go?. What did he say?. Are you ok?" All the question going back and forth I was very dizzy and felt sick...she handed me water and scoffed me to my room she put the notes under my alarm clock and shut off the lamp...I easily doze off to sleep when I wake to the sound of a gunshot

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