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Her Story: The Last Time.

Posted about over 4 years by DeeSaysRawr_2531870

A little blade of reassurance, it held her together.It made her feel better when no one else could.When she saw the red streams she thought she was safe. No one could hurt her if she beat them to it. Another slice, oh, caress me sweet paradise! She slowly drifted into dream. Where people praised her and told her they cared. Where they held her close and love they shared...

She was afraid.
She didn't want to wake up.

"I'll do it one last time."
The words slowly fell from her lips, hesitant.
She wrote a letter of regret. Each swing of the pen more violent, more wild than the last. She became reluctant, but her body did not stop. She watched her own ravenous hands destroy herself. She wanted the pain to go! "This little bottle will show." She pressed it strongly to her dry mouth and swallowed each white drop. She fell to the ground, hitting it with such force her body could no longer feel.

This was the last time.

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