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kira the god of my world.

Dear Misa,

My life was a living nightmare, I was alone half the time of the day, But that all changed when I met you. I will never forget the day we met. it was on a monday and i was talking to a friend and i got a friend request from you. I of course accepted it and we started talking for a while.
To tell you the truth i was thinking to myself, "She is going to be like every other girl and not like me." I then realized that my heart had been broken for so long that i didn't know what love was anymore, But you changed that.
My heart broken into so little pieces that not even a mouse could pick it up. After meeting you that slowly changed, I was falling in love with you, then four days after meeting you my heart was whole again and there was only one person who had the key but never knew it. that person was you.
When i go to bed at night you are the last person i think of and when i wake up your the first one on my mind. When i wake up i pick up my computer and check my e-mails and see if you have messaged me.
The point of me writing you this letter is to tell you that i can not go one minute of the day and that you are My Love, My Life, and My One and Only. I will do anything to make you happy, and one day we will get married and live together forever.

Love, kira

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