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Posted about about 4 years by CherrySweetPink_2692064

So here's part of my story I've been writing lately. If you liked it please just tell me and I may continue. Tell me what you think either way. Hope you enjoy smile Big Grin

Chapter 1:
“No...No... Leave me alone...Who are you...”Lisa shouted in her sleep. It was a dark cloudy, windy night and Lisa was left alone in a big house. It was dark. Oh, so dark. The lightning stroke and the thunder roared and rumbled. The wind rocked back and forth robustly and shrilled noisily. The rain thrashed the skinny leafless branches and punched the ground. The white clouds masked the night sky; the stars and the moon. It was a battle. A battle between Mother Nature and the fierce enemy; the wintry weather. Just like the battle between Lisa and that strange dream she keeps on having. “No...”She yelped. She pushed her hands and legs through the darkness, she fought and screamed. Still asleep. A boom of thunder awakened her. She sat straight in her bed, she was all sweaty and breathing fast. A beam of lightning stroke through her eyes, she flinched and squinted her eyes, she stood up to reach the door, she felt dizzy and fell on the floor. Again. The dream came again. The battle was still on in her head. She could see many faces. Strange faces. Some weren’t familiar, and they were red, and opposing her. The familiar one’s were light blue and they were on her side. She could also see her face, it was white. It was between both sides. Why would she see her face in between the two sides, when she is leading the blue faces? Why shall she see two faces of herself? Then she would see a shattered world; wars, and poverty. Just a shattered, broken world. That was the strange dream she has been having for years. Then she would wake up and find herself all sweaty from pushing her hands and legs and fighting in her sleep all night. Sometimes her mom would hear her scream, and wake her up, but that night, Lisa was alone. All alone. Nobody was there to pick her up from the floor, nobody was there to wake her up and save her from that crazy nightmare.
Dawn was arising, the battle outside had settled down, so has Lisa’s internal-external battle. The sun was rising and the birds were singing, waking Lisa up. Lisa opened her eyes. She discovered she had been sleeping on the floor all night. She got up, and opened the curtains to let the rising sun in. Some of the tree branches outside were broken, suspended from the tree, others were on the ground. The wind had been very severe last night, that it broke a tree. A whole big tree, it was laying on the electric wires that were drooping rain droplets on the concrete. Lisa prompted to the kitchen, I guess mom hadn’t come back yet, she thought as she opened the fridge to take her vitamin pills. The doctor said she had to take them every day before breakfast, and that means she couldn’t eat anything until she takes these pills. She was so skinny, she was just bones and skin; no fat, and she were under weight, that’s why she took those pills. She was also really pretty. She looked inside the fridge and noticed she had run out of them. No vitamin pills anywhere in the fridge. That’s when she remembered she had taken the last pill yesterday and forgot to get some more from the pharmacy. She searched more in thought her mom might have bought her some last night before leaving on her date. But she couldn’t find any vitamin pills. That meant no breakfast. No breakfast until she takes those pills. Lisa managed hunger, so she decided she could wait till her mom comes and then they would go buy some pills together, but the thought of seeing pancakes in the fridge made her stomach growl. Her mouth watered and she couldn’t resist. The pancakes were coated with maple syrup and butter. Lots of butter. They were sticky from all the sweet syrup. And two sweet, delicious, bright red, big strawberries were put on top of them. Lisa felt so hungry, she was about to drool, her stomach growled more, she couldn’t resist hunger any more. From just looking at the scrumptious pancakes she knew how they tasted, she imagined gnawing on them, and in just seconds she was wearing her clothes and ready to trigger off to the pharmacy. Lisa walked on the glossy side-walk, enjoying the morning sounds of nature, there were no cars on the road, no chaos, no people, nothing. Just the beautiful nature. She watched a bird leap on the road and fly to a tree as she walked past it. The air was cold. Really, really cold. It drilled through her bones and chilled her out, her breath got out as white air balls, and she turned all white, as if her blood had frozen. As though she were put in a freezer. Her nose was the only thing that was red; and that was because she was so cold. Her eyes dried out. They stung. She squinted them so they won’t throb anymore, but that was of no use, the very cold air was just so strong to beat. After a while, she was standing in front of the pharmacy, she held the doorknob to pull it open. It was an iron knob and it was freezing! She entered the pharmacy. It was warm. Oh, very warm. Her eyes stopped throbbing anymore, she could open them normally now, her blood started to warm up and she was starting to get color instead of being white.
“Hello, Mama Jasmine,” she said to the pharmacist who was known by Mama Jasmine, for she was an old lady and she always took care of the people in need and fed them, and helped the sick children.
“Hello, dear child,” Mama Jasmine said in her old known motherly tone, “Came for your pills?”
“Yeah, may you give some please?” asked Lisa politely.
“No you may not,” joked Mama as she handed Lisa her pills and laughed.
“Oh, Mama Jas, how funny you are...” laughed Lisa.
“How’s your mom?”
“She’s fine.” sighed Lisa, “There you go,” she said as she handed her some money for the pills. Lisa said good-bye and left the pharmacy. She made her way back home, she stood on her porch and saw that her mom’s car wasn’t parked outside as it should always be. Her mom hadn’t come back yet. Lisa entered her home. Her warm, cozy home. She filled a glass of water and took a pill, then she opened the fridge and got the pancakes out. She lay them on the table. The pancakes were soaked with syrup. There was a puddle of syrup around them in the plate. She got a fork and took her first bite. Her eyes widened. It was a very luxurious, magnificent, glorious, overwhelming bite indeed. The maple syrup on the pancake was frozen from the fridge, when she put it on her tongue, it melted. The very sweet taste rushed down her throat. It was very sweet, it almost choked her. Lisa enjoyed that. Then she started to munch on the pancake itself, it was soft, inflated, and very bubbly. It was wonderful. She finished her plate, and went to put on the fire in her chimney, her mom would be here soon, and she would probably be cold. Lisa put some kindling and wood, she stroke the match and put it in the chimney too. She watched to wood catch fire. She watched the bright orange flame eat up the wood and the kindling. She opened her hands in front of the chimney and warmed them up.
Later she heard some keys rattle and open the front door, she looked. It was her mother Jade. Jade was the kind of mother that had to be a father too. In her own way of course. After divorcing from her husband she had to take care of Lisa, she had to make sure she gave her everything, and without a doubt she did. With all her worries, she definitely did. And her bitter past didn’t affect the way she raised her daughter, but it kind of did on Lisa. Lisa could feel there was something wrong about that past. Even though her mother never said it was bitter, even though her mother never said anything about it. Lisa could also feel it had something to do with her. She didn’t know why, but something inside her, deep inside was always trying to tell her something, something that was trying to be shown to her, maybe in her dreams, maybe not. But why did she have to keep on seeing the same dream over and over again? It had to be a message, a message about the past, or about something from the future, maybe both. Just maybe.

So please just tell me what you think

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