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Roses are red, violets are blue, send your friends some e-lovin’ on Valentine's Day and they’ll dig you too!

Send a Valentine's Day E-Card to a friend Valentines day 8e3f0ce8166de2335254c9cd1030b21aabe756f337d47b7770923a4a89025d35

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Valentines 1
Be Mine!
Valentines 2
Valentine's Day Gary
Valentines 3
You're Cooler
Valentines 4
Valentines Day Hang
Valentines 5
Aren't You Sweet!
Valentines 6
ARR You're My Favorite Mate
Valentines 7
Key To My Heart
Valentines 8
Happy Valentine's Day
You're Cute!
Valentine 10
Be My Valentine
Valentines 9
Valentines Day

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