Mase: Welcome Back and Nelly: Sweat/Suit CD Reviews

Oct 06, 2004

Nelly releases two new discs and Mase is back after a five-year break. Find out more about these hot new CDs right here!

Top Ten Grossest Fear Factor Stunts!

Oct 05, 2004

It's a show that pushes contestants to face their biggest fears. Check out Kidzworld's picks for the grossest stunts.

Celebrity Recap - September 2004

Oct 04, 2004

Britney got married (again!), Ben and Jen are dating and a ton of celebs were celebrating their b-days. Find out what happened in Hollywood this past month.

Kelly Osbourne Biography

Oct 03, 2004

Kelly Osbourne, daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, now stars in the ABC prime time show, Life As We Know It. Check out her biography right here!

Transformers Energon DVDs

Oct 02, 2004

The Transformers, lead by Optimus Prime, battle new enemies in the Transformers Energon DVDs. Get the 411 on the cartoon right here!

Bowling For Soup CD Review

Sep 29, 2004

Like rocking out to Simple Plan and Sum 41? Then check out 1985 and the rest of the new album by hilarious punk-pop band Bowling For Soup!

Spooky House DVD Review

Sep 28, 2004

As Halloween approaches, you're going to want to stock up on good scary movies for the big night. You want mystery? Check out Spooky House on DVD!

Christina Milian Biography

Sep 23, 2004

Long before she was pumping out chart-topping hits, Christina Milian was an actress. Find out more about this R&B vixen!

Skye Sweetnam :: Noise From the Basement CD Review

Sep 23, 2004

If you're an Avril fan, then you're going to love Skye. Tune into the "noise" from the debut album of this rockin' chick!

Mean Girls DVD Review

Sep 21, 2004

What do you get when you cross Saturday Night Live with a girly teen movie? Mean Girls, of course. Check out KW's review!

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