soulDecision Biography

Apr 12, 2001

Have you tuned into MTV or Much Music lately and wondered when Brad Pitt started singing? It's not Brad silly - it's Trevor Guthrie, the lead singer of the pop trio Soul Decision.

Spy Kids Movie Review

Apr 12, 2001

What starts off as a bedtime story quickly turns into a real life spy adventure for Carmen and Juni. Spy Kids is all about action, adventure and the coolest toys this side of video games.

Survivor Flashback

Apr 11, 2001

It's summer. TV is rerun central. Then along comes a show about a bunch of people stuck on an island, eating rats and voting each other off for a million bucks. Remember how it all began?

Pop Low-Down

Apr 11, 2001

What's going on with Britney and Pepsi? When's *NSYNC's new album coming out? Who's that singing with Christina? Read on to get the low-down on what your fave pop stars are up to...

S Club 7 Biography

Apr 09, 2001

What do you get when you have three good looking guys and four good-looking girls that sing, dance and act together? You get the pop group S Club 7 - one of the hottest acts from the UK.

Survivor Episode 9

Apr 09, 2001

Ding-dong the witch is dead! This was the episode that everyone was waiting for. Just when you thought Elisabeth was dead in the water - Ogakor broke the alliance and voted off the evil Jerri.

Charlotte Church Biography

Apr 06, 2001

When you hear Charlotte's voice I bet you're surprised to find out such a powerful voice belongs to a 15 year old girl. She's young, but she's one of the best opera singers in the world.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vampire History

Apr 06, 2001

Buffy has slayed tons of blood sucking vamps through the years but there are some undead dudes, who she just can't (or won't) turn to dust. Find out who they are and how they became vampires.

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