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who was the best classic rock band

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The Mighty Ra_2013871
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"Punkie9902" wrote:

K u crossed MY line. I am not childish! I have a you tube and I make vids

Making Youtube videos does not require an older mentality. FЯed has the mentality of a 6 year old but is 19. Youtube is full of pseudointellectual 13 year olds acting like they're 24. It also has 40+ gamers who film themselves playing CoD and argue about it like it's a religion.

"Punkie9902" wrote:

BTW it it lines my words out never mind that. U just seem like u wanna argue and did u not say thats wat u didnt want?

Hypocrisy is lame, and no that's not what he said he didn't want.

"Punkie9902" wrote:

Im already mad dont push it plz dude dont push it

Your problems are not his.

The foul realism is unleashed
Upon the Earth we'll bleed

The kindness of deaths grasp
Relieves us from the pain

who was the best classic rock band

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"TheAverageJC" wrote:

You both sound like you're 10.

I try.

H3H3H3H3 >:]

who was the best classic rock band

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"caselionsbeast2002" wrote:

ozzy osbourne

crazy train!

guns and roses
Led Zepplin
pink floyd 
dave Matthews

i got   a jar of dirt

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