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It''s just my opinion but I think they r posers. IT''S JUST MY OPINION!!! sO DON''T GET ALL MAD AT ME FOR SAYING THAT. i DON''T WANT TO OFFEND ANYONE!! What''s your opinion on them?


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They''re okay.

This may be unbelievable, but I''m not obsessed with GC anymore,
But I am in love with Fall Out Boy... for now. |hence the avatar|

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yeah they aren''t awesome but they r cool....

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I <3 jeff from simple plan

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because joel is hawt and they rock

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I really don''t like them and they *aren''t* rock for the people who think they are. Where is my proof? Right here...

Does Good Charlotte play on the rock radio stations? If no, then it''s obvious they aren''t rock - in any form. They don''t play on any rock radio station in Massachusetts. If you say, "Well those radio station ONLY play hard stuff"...not true. Fall Out Boy, blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Sum41, and bands similar to those made a regular rotation at one point on the alternative radio station here. Wow, Good Charlotte hasn''t had a rotation on a rock station, hmmm...wonder why?

Do you even *listen* to the rock radio stations? If no, then you you shouldn''t be saying "lKy oMG! GC iS So0o0o pUnk raWK!".

Do you even listen to the radio in general? Or do you just use you''re expensive, unneeded, unearned iPods? If no, then yes, you''ll see what crowd Good Carlotte that isn''t interested in any form of rock. By the way, iPods consider anything with a guitar in it rock.

If you don''t have a radio, well take my word for it.
I think I''ve made my point and if you don''t believe me...well, I don''t care...go off and give all of your parent''s money to Corporate America - oh, and they''re the ones who suck the souls out of children which turns them into zombies...whatever. Odd how a 13 year-old can have such a rage about a little boy band, but go about it in such a smart way...isn''t it?

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