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aerosmithfreak-l Lock
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January 2007

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Posted over 10 years ago
I saw the rolling stones live last night!! It was AMAZING!!!!!!!! They certainly don''t act like they are in thier 60''s! Mick Jagger is so fit for his age! It was amazing with the stage and fireworks and everything!! Wow, what a show. Anyone else gonna see them?!

"Half my life''s
in book''s written pages
Live and learn
form fools and from sages
You know its true,
everything comes back to you"

~"Dream On" *Aerosmith*

~*~15/f/MI ~*~
~Paul McCartney is NOT dead, does not have an imposter named Billy Shears and did not die in a car crash. If you understand this, put it into your sig.~

If Abercrombie and Fitch said it wasn''t cool to breathe anymore, ninety-two percent of people would believe it. If you''re one of the eight percent that would laugh, put this in your sig.

I am the Walrus, KuKuKachoo...

"Number nine....."

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