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This year Im going To do volleyball in middle school i cant wait but i do recommend this sport to tall girls im not saying its for them its for everyone BOYS ,GIRLS, TALL, SHORT anyone can do it if you set your mind to it i hope you can play this sport someday like me Big Grin Big Grin

Lovely4614 ME1

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I love volleyball!!! I was on th middle school team this year and i'm trying out again next season...
Here's some advice....
Do your best!!!!
Try your hardest..........
Don't give up....
I had to do this because i almost got cut from the team. My coach told me on the second day of try outs that i was on the bubble of making the team..... That i wasn't good enough, and i would be sitting out pretty much the entire season.
                     GOOD LUCK!!!! please respond to me if you make the team!!

One Way or Another

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I like to play it on beach. 

Hi~I'm Nicholas. I'm 10. Live in Hong Kong, I'd like to meet some new friends here. No matter what race u r, how old u r and what gender u r. Add me as fd, if u like Wink Then we will be fd and talk.
I love woody Love

I miss u. Love

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 I love Volleyball it is so much fun. I love serving and i love to bump it over the net or to my team mates.  i hope when i go to high school that i can play for my school or play for a team. Big Grin

Skittles Wink

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I love volleyball i'm on the team!

Chase Elliott at Watkins Glen

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