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[b]LebronVS Kobe[/b]

Posted By:
bball4ever_1351748 Lock e1691472cafece64304be81c5c9c507a93800d3a6cd5948297266277351b71ef
Member since:
September 2009

Posts: 8
Star 771721baa52164faab3e80914eb3e8e418513288f39d7ccffd0d5c4f8d045d1e
Posted over 6 years ago
Who do u think is better? Lebron or Kobe? Lebron is still young and out there and at least he didnt r@pe someone but Kobe's got the medals. Frustrated

Posted By:
wizardchild98_1558193 Lock e1691472cafece64304be81c5c9c507a93800d3a6cd5948297266277351b71ef
Member since:
July 2010

Posts: 48
Star 771721baa52164faab3e80914eb3e8e418513288f39d7ccffd0d5c4f8d045d1eStar 771721baa52164faab3e80914eb3e8e418513288f39d7ccffd0d5c4f8d045d1eStar 771721baa52164faab3e80914eb3e8e418513288f39d7ccffd0d5c4f8d045d1e
Posted about 6 years ago
kobe is better lebron cant touch kobe

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