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Hippiegirl97_2648202 Lock
Member since:
February 2014

Posts: 302
Posted about 2 years ago
Welcome! In this game you post a word that starts with the last letter from the word above you.

Me: Carrot
You: Turtle
Me: Eric

You get the idea?

Ok, I'll start.   Fun

I love God, because God loves me.
God loves me, because he made me.
God made me, because he makes people.
God makes people. because he wants some one to love.
God wants some one to love, because he is love.

Posted By:
hugebear Lock
Member since:
February 2007

Posts: 30566
Posted about 2 years ago
Ello and this is the duplicate thread.  We already has the Never Ending Game in Random / Say Anything.  

Thanks for your understanding smile Imma gonna lock this cos of the duplicate thread smile 

hugebear from gracie and mia
classicalmusicisepicdonethis for me siggy :love thank you

from classicalmusicisepic for mesiggy

hugebearkeep calm and hug ted

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