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I totall love the whole series of Wimpy Kid!
I already hade read the whole series and I want to just read them over and over again.
I also like the series of Mary-Kate and Ashley. (Two of a kind)

Most people like comic but not me, I don't know where the comic starts and where the comic ends!!!!
Wimpy kid i say again is the BEST! Love

Posted over 5 years ago

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Default girl
How many books are there to Diary of a Wimpy Kid? I believe I've only read the first two. They were pretty hilarious. My favorite book however would have to be Song of the Sparrow. It's a little poetic and is written in stanzas rather than paragraphs. I recommend reading it during the Fall/Autumn. The book has a lot of imagery towards the earth, like crisp leaves, flowing streams, and of course a wonderful plot. Rating... probably for 12 yr olds and older. I hope this post made you curious enough to at least Google this book. It truly is a fantastic read. ^w^ ~DragonLoverKestrel~


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