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i hate how the movies based off of books are way too different from the the percy jackson movie.WAAYYY too different from the in the hunger games:catching fire i heard some of the most important side characters wont be in it Frown and avalon high, most of it was the same, until like, the ending, that part was way just makes me soooo sad anout how they cant really follow the storyline of a simple book in some ways

unperfectness always equals perfectness
be awesome
swag means secretly we are gay
beauty is only skin deep
dont judge a book by its cover
always be urself

i eat purple narwhals for breakfast

my unicorn became a moustache wearing pegasus during class because of nathans weird obsessian over moustaches

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Movie and books are completely different mediums. You experience them in completely different ways, over a completely different time frame.
With books, you usually experience the story over the course of a week or two. You can hear a person's thoughts, put yourself into that character's mind. Everything about the story exists in your mind. You can read slowly, or quickly, giving characters the "voice" that you think fits them. 
With movies, you have 90 up to 140 minutes of acceptable time to tell the story. You can't hear the character's thoughts as they go through the scenes, you can only observe their actions. Something that could take one sentence to explain in a book could take up to three minutes to explain in a movie. 
There's just no way to translate a book directly to a movie, without the movie being created badly. You can't read a movie script in written form and really experience it properly, with the actors /actresses creating the certain emotions, the lighting and camera work setting certain moods, the music giving you goosebumps. 
I do, however, still personally tend to prefer the books over the movies (: 

Jag och min valp, Elvis
Me and my pup Elvis [ whispers ] I woke him up to do this c:

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hunger games

Hey Dere :3
Ride Dat Alpaca
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