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Tell me about the book that you're currently reading.

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Posted almost 5 years ago

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The End Games:
Two brothers, Michael who is seventeen and Patrick who is five, are going through the wilderness of West Virginia trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. It started on Halloween, when Michael was running away with Patrick from Michael's abusive stepfather (who is Patrick's real one).When they get outside, they find the zombies, which they call Bellows, because they repeat anything you say.They are trying to get to one of the safe zones set up, where they hope their mom is waiting for them. Along the way, they meet this crazy religious group who believe the Bellows are God's first chosen people for the Ressurection. They escape them, and find a safe zone, one that was already destroyed and where there are only four other survivors. And I've only gotten to the part where one of the other survivors... is no longer a survivor...

"I'm just a
Would've been
Could've been
Should've been
Never was
And never ever will be."

~And The Snakes Start To Sing by Bring Me The Horizon

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Default girl
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hi i am reading diary of a wimpy kid it is so cool. i love it you should try it. 

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Percy Jackson, for the millionth time Cool

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