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“Marty!” shouted Mom. “Get the pizzas!” Sighing, I got up from my video game as I went downstairs, into the kitchen. Very carefully, I got the pizzas out of the fridge and heated one up in the microwave. It was my favorite, ham and pineapple. PING! The pizza was ready. Suddenly, a wicked grin appeared on my face as I thought of a mischievous idea. I knew Mom absolutely HATED chilli or anything spicy. What about if I used the chilli powder in the little pot, and put it on Mom’s pizza to give her a bit of shock? The only person in this family who uses the chilli was Dad, as far as I’m concerned.
With a devilish grin on my face, I reached for the chilli powder in the cupboard and sprinkled about 200g of the chilli on the pizza I just microwaved. Very slowly, I carried the plate of pizza to the dining table where Mom was sitting at the dining table, eagerly looking at the pizza I put chilli on. Trying to keep a grin of my face, I put the plate down on the table and left the dining room without another word to get my pizza.
As quickly as possible, I grabbed my pizza on the plate and began munching on it as I wondered into the dining room, where Mom was sitting the pizza mid-air in her hand. “Eat it” I urged inside my head. “Eat it!”
Suddenly, as if she was reading my mind, she began to chew it very slowly. To my delight, her face turned a roasting red, making me snort with laughter.
“What the?!” were my Mom’s last words, as to my horror and surprise she began to fade and grow transparent. Abruptly, I stopped snorting with laughter and heard other children screaming in horror at the disappearance of their parents. This was NOT natural. Parents couldn’t fade away like that, I’m sure of it! “Somebody is obviously up to something.” I thought.

Posted almost 5 years ago

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hmm...pretty good. could use some work but couldn't tell you what work it needed.

Being normal is so boring~
Why not be insane instead?

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