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Anyone reading anything good?

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Posted almost 5 years ago

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"coffeebb8" wrote:

I recommend a lot of the Carl Hiassen books. The latest book I read by him was Chomp. They are all so great. I wish he had more. You should totally check out his books! Big Grin 

Good Luck!

- Coffeebb8 Wink

You're right!  I'm a HUGE Carl Hiassen fan, he's a great writer!

To the guy who made this post, if you want to choose books and get recommendations you should try Goodreads. Its a site where you say which books you read and liked and it gives you AWESOME recommendations!
People on KW don't really know what you like, thats why GR is so great!! 


Posted almost 5 years ago

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the red ghost

Posted almost 5 years ago

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"tyto123" wrote:

you should read 13 reasons why

I just finished reading that! Great book. I really liked the book Adaptation. It was pretty awesome! I like futuristic books, not sure if you like those. But I totally recommend Adaptation by Malinda Lo. I don't really do book recommendations because I don't know who you are, and I don't know what kind of books you like reading.

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