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OK this is a forum for all Sisters Grimm Lovers. It is for PUCKABRINA ONLY! OK so and it has fan fiction this a example off PUCKABRINA FAN FICTION !         Sabrina's Point Of View: I woke up. I looked at my little sister. SHE WAS NOT IN HER BED! Daphne was MISSING! Daphne is my bubbly 7 year old little sister I am very close with. My adopted little 7 year old sister Red's bedroom was down the hall. I heard giggling. I heard Daphne say: Puck and Sabrina make a cute couple. WHAT THE HECK!                                               Puck's Point Of View: I was in my room. I had woken up to go get a sandwich now. I heard Daphne say as I passed Red's bedroom: Puck and Sabrina would make a cute couple. WHAT THE HECK!                                                 OK so you likey no likey? If iI get 4 likes I do next chapter. Also write your smile own! PUCKABRINA 4ever!  

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