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Catherine's top 3 books.

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April, 2012
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Hi guys and girls! So I've been reading loads and I've put together a top three. These are books I think you'll really enjoy. They're really exciting and not too girly or boyish. So enjoy!     3. The Hobbit. It's by the person who wrote Lord Of The Rings, and is soon becoming a movie. It's fantasy and about a hobbit called Bilbo Baggins. But a wizard Gandalf comes with some homeless dwarves and comes on a quest with them filled with adventure and danger. 2. Harry Potter. Harry Potter is brilliant reading. I love it, even though probably lots of you have read it.  1. The Star Of Kazan. An amazing read, and is set in the early 1900's in Vienna. It's about a foundling called Annika, and has been brought up as a servant in a professor's house. She's treated really well, and has always dreamed of her mother coming to her. She's then put on a journey of Adventure and danger.

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Catherine's top 3 books.

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I'm Manjari825, and I'm a girl. My pet peeve is my friends being bugged or bothered. But I'm a book nerd. I read plenty if books- from Canterwood Crest to Hunger Games to Harry Potter, Percy Jackson-I've read A LOT. I love to talk and chat so message me anytime.
percy jackson, harry potter, and every book rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine's top 3 books.

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January, 2013
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I think The Lord Of The Rings is the best book ever.
And so is the movie.
And so are all the characters.
Especially Aragorn.
Have a nice day.


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