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Need New Books

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July, 2010
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Can you give me some ideas of what books to read? I'm running low on good books

Need New Books

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May, 2012
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Try reading the Jiggy Mccue series by Michael lawrence! They're really funny and there are thirteen books in total. I've read twelve of them so I still need to buy the last one. Here are the books in order: The Curse of The Poltergoose (The Poltergoose if you get it second hand) The Killer Underpants The Toilet of Doom The Meanest Genie (Maggot Pie if you get it second hand) The Snottle Nudie Dudie Neville the Devil Ryan's Brain The iron, the switch and the broom cupboard Kid Swap One for all and all for Lunch Rudie Dudie (sequel to Nudie Dudie) Murder and Chips They may sound and look like they are for 6 year olds, but are actually 9+ and EXTREMELY addicting!


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