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Chat about guy issues without worrying about what the girls are gonna say.

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BOYS ONLY: Crush's name?

Created by: xBrandonx_2632220

Last Post: 2 months ago

Need Advice? Ask Dr. Jake!

Created by: jake495

Last Post: 2 months ago

Boys and Mental Illness

Created by: Alois_Trancy_

Last Post: 5 months ago

why do girls care about looks

Created by: Pacman019_1727636

Last Post: 5 months ago

What type girl do you like?

Created by: deano88_1104312

Last Post: 5 months ago

How many gf's have u had

Created by: who do you think_2094678

Last Post: 5 months ago

why do girls always be wimpy

Created by: lukeydisco

Last Post: 6 months ago


Created by: yugimutoz

Last Post: 8 months ago



Created by: blurgho12_2964268

Last Post: 9 months ago

Why are girls so hyper sensitive

Created by: Pokie

Last Post: 10 months ago


how did u and your gf fell in love?

Created by: Link_Fan

Last Post: about 1 year ago

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Boys - Self esteem

Created by: hugebear

Last Post: almost 3 years ago

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