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spellcaster/warrior deck

Celebs cartoon
Posted almost 13 years ago

Posted By:

Default guy
Posts: 9

Dark magican
Gemini elf

Chaos emperor dragon- envoy of the end
Dark magican girl
Buster blader
Gilford the lightning
Blade knight
Breaker the magical warrior
Rocket warrior
Penten the dark clown
Penten the dark clown
Penten the dark clown
Skilled white magician
Skilled dark magician
Marauding captain
Sasuke samurai
Exiled force
Obnoxious celtic guarding
Goblin attack force
Kycoo the ghost destroyer
Magician of faith

Spell absorption
Diffusion wave-motion
Snatch steal
Monster reborn
Dark magic attack
Pot of greed
Premature burial
Sage''s stone
Dobule spell

Mirror force
Trap jammer
Hidden book of spell
Spellbinding circle
Negate attack
Magical hats
Magic jammer
Seven tools of the bandit
Magic cylinder

If any one has an idea what i should do to my deck please any one just help your self to write what i should do

Posted over 12 years ago

Posted By:

Default guy
you should add more dragons and trap and magic cards


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