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Dragon's Exalted Set analysis

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Posted almost 6 years ago

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Roserade: Roserade is an interesting card that is about to hit our up and coming metagame. Roserade may see play in our upcoming format thanks to its “Le Parfum” ability, which allows you to search your deck for any one card after you evolve into Roserade. Being able to search your deck for any one card is without a doubt excellent. The kind of search that Roserade offers could win games. You could get anything from a Professor Juniper, to a Rare Candy, to a game winning Pokémon Catcher. Roserade’s power can also be re-used thanks to Devolution Spray reprint coming out of Dragons Exalted. The main problem with Roserade is that it takes up a lot of precious space in any deck. Fitting a Stage 1 tech into a deck can be very difficult. The smallest Roserade line that I could see being utilized effectively would be a 2-2 line, which still takes up 4 deck spaces. While Roserade is an interesting card with a fair amount of potential, I doubt it will see a large amount of play. It isn’t simply too large of a tech for most decks in the metagame to carry. Maybe in the future, someone will find a great way to play the Roserade search engine, but for now Roserade probably won’t be a very common card at the top tables of tournaments. Ninetails: Looks familiar doesn’t it? Ninetails is a new card, that brings back an old, and powerful mechanic. Not only does Ninetails share former top tiered card Luxray GL Lv.X’s Poképower in the form of an ability, it also has a hard hitting attack that can tear through an opponent’s bench sitter. While Ninetails may be too clunky to use as a tech, Ninetails has an attack that you may be able to make a decent deck out of. With Roserade Unleashed being rotated out of play by the time Ninetails is official released, the obvious partner for Ninetails is Amoongus Next Destinies. After using Amoongus’ ability, Ninetails can hit for 120 damage (130 after poison) for one fire energy. This is a lot of damage, especially when you can bring something off of your opponent’s bench and hit it this hard. Ninetails paired with Amoongus has the ability to one shot popular bench sitters such as Gabite and Eelektrik. Ninetails with the help of Amoongus can snipe, inflict other Pokémon with harmful conditions, and hit for large amounts of damage. What’s not to love? Ninetails gets a lot of other card that help it function as a deck. Devolution Spray and Super Scoop Up are both cards that deserve a mention. With the help of these cards, you can return Pokémon like Ninetails and Amoongus to your hand, allowing you to re-use their excellent abilities. Another card that can help Ninetails out is Blend Energy. This Blend Energy allows you to add techs, while keeping your energy lines fairly simple. The main tech that comes to mind is Darkrai EX. Darkrai would allow any of your Pokémon with a Blend Energy attached to retreat for free. This is always a helpful addition. While it unlikely, Ninetails could play a small role in our upcoming format. Ninetails is definitely a fun and unique deck that has potential to perform well at smaller tournaments. It will be interesting to see if any Ninetails variants are able to perform well at Battle Roads Autumn. Emolga: The upcoming Emolga is one of the best, if not the best form of searching out basic Pokémon in our current format. With the loss of Dual Ball and Pokémon Collector, many people are looking for a card to fill the void in the Black and White-On format. Emolga may be just the card to fill this void. Its “Call for Family” attack is something we have seen in the past, but it is rarely seen on a Pokémon with a free retreat. Searching your deck out for 2 basic Pokémon and benching them is great when you are trying to set up early in the game, because the Pokémon you bench will be able to evolve next turn. Emolga also raises the basic Pokémon count in any deck, this means you are less likely to get donked, or to mulligan multiple times. While I’m personally not the biggest fan of Emolga, I can see why people would want to play it. It is likely that you will see Emolga at tournaments this season, and it is definitely a card you should consider teching. Shedinja Shedinja’s ability is another old and interesting mechanic being brought back into the format. Shedinja from Dragons Exalted a very slightly improved version of Shedinja Deoxys. The obvious reason why Shedinja is considered good is because it doesn’t give your opponent any prizes. This means that Shedinja can get damage on the field, and your opponent doesn’t have any use in killing it, because it doesn’t get them any closer to winning. If your opponent can’t draw prizes, it is going to be very difficult to for them to win. Unfortunately for Shedinja, the reality is your opponent will be drawing prizes. Cards like Pokémon Catcher and Garbodor can work around Shedinja’s annoying ability. Nincadas will often times get knocked out before you can evolve them, this will give your opponent prizes, and because you are only doing 30 damage a turn, it is going to be hard to keep up with the prize exchange. It is also worth mentioning that if you are only playing Shedinjas, there is a decent chance you will lose by benching out. While Shedinja is an interesting card mechanic, I don’t see it being a top-tiered card anytime soon. Drifblim Drifblim is somewhat un-noticed card in Dragons Exalted, that I personally feel as a lot of potential. Energy deletion on its own is a strong mechanic, and now we have a card that can really capitalize on this effective form of disruption. With just 3 Special Energy cards in the discard, Drifblim is hitting for 150 damage, that’s enough to KO things like Zekrom, Garchomp, Mewtwo EX (weakness) and Hydreigon for one colorless energy. After multiple Crushing Hammers and Enhanced Hammers, the damage can start really adding out. The main problem that Drifblim faces is that some decks simply don’t run Special Energy cards. If you have no Special Energy to discard, Drifblim is pretty much worthless. This is the reason why I feel Drifblim will work better as a tech rather than a deck next format. Drifblim can be added into any deck that plays Hammers. Terrakion variants deserve a large mention here, because Drifblim can also help cover the decks inability to effectively deal with Mewtwos. I’ve also heard some talk about Drifblim being teched into Garchomp Altaria builds because Mach Cut can discard Special Energy every turn. Drifblim is definitely a tech to watch out for if you are playing on playing large amounts of energy in this upcoming format. too lazy to finish in the plushie

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