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Hottest new band in town! (RP-Open)

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Posted over 5 years ago

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These very talented teens decided to start a band.  They are very good but no one knows about them.  The people who do know about them, though, LOVE them!  Will they be able to take the right path to become the next super-star?

-No swearing and anything else inappropriate.
-No need to ask to join.
-Please make a boy and a girl.  (No making over two characters either.)
-No perfect characters.


Age (10-17):
Who is he/she (Manager, drummer, singer,  etc.):

My whole goal in life is to get AlphaT to debate Teh_Skittlez as an Atheist and for Teh_Skittlez to debate AlphaT as a Christian.


That awkward moment when you realize that you couldn't see that amazing debate because you're not old enough to see the P&R section... -.-

Posted over 5 years ago

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Name- Sam Poqui (Poke-E)
Age- 16
Looks- (Will get)
Personality- Rockstar, prankster, the one who is always in detention. All ways. Sassy, sarcastic , slacker. Clever,
She is The main Bass guitarist/ Singer.
Other- She has a Brittish accent, because she from the United Kingdom.

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