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Vannessa Lionheart, From Nobody to Somebody (Open to all Roleplayers)

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Name: Vannessa Lionheart

Age: 16

Skin: Pale

Height: 4'11

Weight: 110 pounds

Eyes: Crimson

Hair: Black, straight, and runs down her back to her ankles

Attire: Black pants, black combat boots, black nail polish, black shirt with a broken heart on it, studded collar

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Singer, actress, and dancer

~Likes, dislikes, and fears~
-Spaghetti and meatballs



Species: Werevire

Bio: Vannessa Lionheart used to be a Goth girl that nobody liked. Vannessa's real name was Vannessa Maria McLain, that is until her family gave her up for adoption when she was ten because she had become a Goth. She hates talking about her past and her songs are dedicated to many sad things.Vannessa doesn't see a point to happiness because usually there is sadness as well.


     Vannessa Marie McLain was a sixteen year old girl. She loved being Goth and was glad she didn't have parents to tell her what to do. This young Goth girl was a Werevire, a person who was part Werewolf, part Vampire. She was always bullied at school and the orphanage had let her change her name. Her name is now Vannessa Lionheart and THIS is her story.

     Vannessa Lionheart was playing on her guitar, singing and dancing her heart out. She had been thinking about the boy at school named Daniel Everglade and for the first time felt something, something she'd never felt before. She didn't know WHAT to call it but was curious. Daniel was the only person who was kind to her, which shocked her. She had started going to Werevire Academy a week ago and had been made a fool of my Alexis Lost. Alexis Lost was a popular girl who had tripped Vannessa, Daniel had helped her up and they parted when he went to his class.

     Vannessa was too busy that she didn't hear the orphanage caretaker call her down for lunch. Suddenly she felt someone touch her shoulder and she jumped, when she turned around she saw the caretaker. "Vannessa, sweetie, it's lunch time," Vannessa sighed and nodded, then went downstairs. She ate and when she was done, did the dishes. Her mind was still on Daniel, with it being Sunday she couldn't wait to go back and see him again, then she remembered how Alexis was rude and thought some more.

     "Mrs. Reese," Vannessa said to the caretaker, "Have you ever felt like you had someone?" She asked, Mrs. Reese smiled.

     "Why yes Vannessa, I have," she sighed, "my love was a Vampire and since I'm a Werewolf we couldn't be together, that never topped us." Mrs. Reese's smile grew, then fell, "He was killed on a mission to prove that not all Vampires are bad, to this day my family and his reunite on his grave in hopes someday we can revive him." Vannessa sighed and finished the dishes, then went up to her room and started playing a sad song on her guitar.

I drink the blood of the living, drain the life from their souls. I am very strong, fast, and amazing. But I don't like to brag too much, being a Vampire is amazing and I can kick anyone's butt. Not all of us are evil, but I might be.

(This is for roleplay, DON'T JUDGE ME)

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