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wolfboy10_1372630 Lock
Member since:
October 2009

Posts: 396
Posted over 6 years ago
the squel of rosea and lee

Do not judge what you do not understand .

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chika rocka_1230110 Lock
chika rocka_1230110
Member since:
March 2009

Posts: 26633
Posted over 6 years ago
The sequel of a 12 page roleplay, I think we should stay on the other one.

"You need therapy" "No I don't, I need to be on Kidzworld. Or I need some mint choclate chip icecream, because that stuff is the bees knees."

Haha, gotta love a good sense of humor [:

I swear, I have the best friends in the world, and I am willing to share... For a price xD

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