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New Celeb Character!

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May, 2012
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Her name is Jasmine, but people call her'll see why if you read her form! Name: Jasmine Slater Age: 13 Gender: Female Birthday: 16th July Looks: Black, straught hair, deep blue eyes, tanned skin, pearly but not very straight teeth, purple braces, skinny white jeans, loose purple top that shows her strap, blue flip flops and a fake pearl necklace. Likes: Animals, dancing, singing, acting, friends, family, chocolate, hot chocolate with marshmallows, kittens, 1D, JLS, Katy Perry, the sun and beaches. She doesn't like singing - she loves it! Dislikes: Any bugs, getting dirty, Justin Bieber, car sickness, the cold. Talents: Singing & acting. Famous For: Acting, and went on Britain's Got Talent when she was 9 and sang on stage, got knocked out by an older singer in the Semi Final but is still famous for it - a little bit. BFFs: Laura Welsh, Bethany Carter, Holly Highland. Siblings: Fern, aged 5, Flora, aged 7, Tim, aged 11. Other: Looking for a boy!

New Celeb Character!

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dj skinnygirl1
dj skinnygirl1
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name..young,lee talent rapping hair color black weve eye color black skin color brown    what she is wereing..big gold chain on her neck earrings jersey shirt jordans shoes jeans  Hippie

dear dish it i need to know what to say to this realy cute new kid

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