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Create your own Celebrity! Start or join an RP about what it would be like to be a big-time celebrity.

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The Band Blasting through their ears.

Created by: :PSiLlY

Last Post: 9 days ago

Minecraft youtuber RP (Limited)

Created by: Vollov

Last Post: 10 days ago

Celebrities Fantasy RP

Created by: Montanaof400

Last Post: 5 months ago

Name your favorite celebrity or more

Created by: Ksaylor43

Last Post: 8 months ago



Created by: NeverEven

Last Post: 10 months ago


❣Perhaps They're Real❣Open❣

Created by: XxRuby_PhoenixxX

Last Post: 11 months ago


Celeb City: Welcome! (Open)

Created by: BluejayJack

Last Post: about 1 year ago


Create Your Very Own Celebrity!!

Created by: me6363_1779141

Last Post: about 1 year ago

(:Create UR own Celebrity and PLAY:)

Created by: PurplePerfect

Last Post: about 1 year ago


Adios Reality? | Celebrity RP, Advanced, Open

Created by: JWittz

Last Post: about 1 year ago


Dare to Be You. (Ask to Join!~)

Created by: Insomniac

Last Post: about 1 year ago


Celebrity Roleplayers Academy

Created by: queenmaxineee

Last Post: about 1 year ago

Roblox Roleplay

Created by: ImNotCool123

Last Post: over 1 year ago

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Rules and Regulations. How to Cha + Post on Kid...

Created by: Jordan

Last Post: almost 4 years ago

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There's a Difference

Created by: NightEmpress4_1634445

Last Post: over 3 years ago

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