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1D thinking.....

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September, 2009
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Okay so in this latest inccient when the boys not to long ago performed in MSG ( Madison Square Garen)  This creepy person called Mr.X  said he was ganna do very bad things to them on stage .
Right before he was about to fire on harry Nialls brother looked under his chair and found a note saying that niall was ganna go into a forever sleep tonight. So body guards found him and caught this Mr.X. It was a horrible inncident, but now everyones saying that in the little things behind the scenes video. Everyones saying A.T.E.O.T.# means at the end of the year. # next year) Something is ganna happen or Larry might come out..... People dont know but One Direction is in danger. Think about it?


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1D thinking.....

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June, 2011
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My friend made me read about that, I ended up reading it for an hour Frustrated


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