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The Fraternal Olsen Twins

Posted By:
riz95_916901 Lock
Member since:
September 2007

Posts: 4
Posted about 9 years ago
The Olsen twins as hard as it may be to understand, are fraternal. One of them is a lefty and one is a righty..xxxn you figure out which? Answers posted later.

Posted By:
chocolate46 Lock
Member since:
July 2007

Posts: 62
Posted about 9 years ago
xxxx>That actually happens a lot with twins. One will be a lefty and the other a righty. In fact, people who are left handed probably had a twin inside their mother with them early on, but the twin just didn''t develop.xnbspxPeople who can use both hands may have had a twin, but took two genes: a right handed gene and a left handed gene, and the twin never developed. Pretty cool, huh?

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