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Toontown Cheats

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I don't play on this anymore but my brother knows some cheats so if you play it, go ahead, use them. Invisible - Go to your house. Right before you go out your door, click "Move Furniture". Then your person will be invisible. Dip in your pond to not be able to go through things. Go back in your house and click "Done" when you want to appear. White Person (Only works if you stay in Brrgh) - Go to Polar Place and find the shop "Hibernation Vacations". Say the speedchat phrase "Howdy!" Your toon will be bigger and white for as long as you are in the Brrgh. Go through fence in Donalds Dock - Go past the party zone thing to the right. Keep trying to go in the fence. Finally, you will go through. Friends with a cog - Go to your friends, and press new friend. Click a cogs name. Then you will ask to be friends with it. It probably won't work, but it has worked for other people before. Good luck. smile And none of these get you banned, they are just the simple ones.

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Toontown Cheats

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Here's a great cheat: Stop playing a terrible game.

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