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How Do You Do A Split?

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Posted over 4 years ago

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I heard that there are some exercises that you have to do every day to be able to do a split and I wanna know if anyone knows about about it. My brother can do a split and he never did gymnastics or cheerleading or anything in that category. ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted about 4 years ago

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Yeah, there are many ways to do a split. A friend I use to be close to helped me with doing exercises to help improve my splits. 
For left and right splits. Put one leg on your bed and leave the other on the floor and basically stretch like that and try to do that about everyday for about 5 mins for each leg. Will help and you'll have your splits in 2 weeks, depends on how much you do the stretch. And no you won't see results the first day. 

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Posted about 4 years ago

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Yeah I need to know as well, some days im like 5cm from the ground, others im like 10-20cm.

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