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Ok well I used to cheerlead bcuz I wanted to be athletic and pretty much be thin and I still am but anyway I stoped cheerleading about 2 yers ago cuz I thought it meant I was a prep or a snob so I stopped. did it really mean I was a prep or a snob???

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no it doesn''t not all cheerleaders are like that

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ok i am a 13 years pld and have been cheerling since I was 4..just because ppple say all that crap about cheerleaders doesent mean that its true! most cheerleaders just cheer because its so much fun and stuff but there are some that do it just to be popular or whatever and those are the pple that are called snobs...if you were a cheerleader and you had fun with it and you didnt like think you were better than everyone else then your not a snob..about the preppy part, cheerleaders are kinda preppy cause well they "cheer" ... but thats not a bad thing! well all i have to say is if you like to cheer than forget about whatever anyone else says and do it cause you love it!!!!!!!!~

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