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it seems like every forums i make,people don't comment why?-moved

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Posted over 5 years ago

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every forums i make nobody comments.and if i comment on a really popular forum with over maybe 100 comments,for some reason they stop commenting.am i just rejected or something? Sad  Sad  Sad

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Posted over 5 years ago

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No, you're not. You just need to make a forum that is new, different, unique etc. The threads you've been making might be unoriginal or just not fun. (don't take any offence) Don't worry though, everyone has made a couple of unsuccessful threads, including me. As for when you post on a popular thread, don't worry about that either. You're either posting on the thread when not much people are online, or everyone who posts on that thread has already posted for the day. (yes, that happens)


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Posted over 5 years ago

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You're probably posting a difficult subject to talk about, an unpopular subject or at a time of day where the forums aren't as busy, try posting a bit later on in the day. Smile Nose


Posted about 5 years ago

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The forum you made might have just been unpopular due to lack of interest or it got pushed down the latest forum posts due to other popular forums. Try create something that a lot of people take an interest in, and don't take it personally if people don't comment or if they stop commenting when you post in something else, you're not getting rejected. smile

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