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How to post a GIF in your signature or bio-moved

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December, 2012
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Do you want to know how to put awesome GIFs in your bio or forum post? Then this is the place for knowledge how. I did not know this when I was a new user but now I know and am sharing the knowledge with you.

1.) Either go to a website that has GIFs or search Kidzworld Pictures for GIFs
(Then right click the image and then click save picture as and hit save. ONLY USE THIS STEP IF YOU ARE DOING THE EARLIER WAY TO GET GIFs. Make sure you save the GIF where you can find it.)

2.)Go to upload photo in your album (Skip this step if you found a GIF via the later way to find GIFs in step 1)

3.)Upload the GIF and wait for it to be approved (It shouldnt take long)

4.)Click embeded code under the image in your album you just uploaded

5.)Right click the embeded code and then click copy

6.)Go to edit bio or forum signature

7.)Right click and then click paste

8.) Then save bio or forum signature and there it is your new GIF in your bio or forum signature

Bonus step: If you want multiple GIFs you can open a new tab and keep using this tutorial

I hope this tutorial helped you out and trust me I wish I had this when I was a new user.

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How to post a GIF in your signature or bio-moved

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December, 2009
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Thanks for posting this!! smile

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Ask me if you have any questions or need any help.

How to post a GIF in your signature or bio-moved

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hydia 5456
hydia 5456
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July, 2012
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Oh glob! Thanks for posting this! Big Grin

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