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whos betttttter?

Posted By:
clearforkrockz_1631120 Lock
Member since:
November 2010

Posts: 651
Posted almost 6 years ago
luke brayn or leee brice? Big Grin i love them both i cant choose

abcd lsd gummy bears r after me 1st the yelllow then the blue last ones screamin I KILL U abcd lsd gummy bears r after me

=) hahahhahahaha O_o lol

i iz nerd LOL

Posted By:
Texasgirl4ever_2693302 Lock
Member since:
April 2014

Posts: 275
Posted over 2 years ago
Not a fan of either but I'll say Luke Bryan Punk

Dream big reach high don't ever be afraid to spread your wings and fly with a heart full of faith, a whole lot of luck and some love to see you through dream big and it just might come true

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