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dancing stories

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October, 2009
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just tell me how you want to fallow your dream i like stories.


dancing stories

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January, 2008
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well i learned how to street dance, i like to do street dancing with my friends a lot. hmmm well hahahaha well if u want a story on how i started street dancing well its kinda long so i'll just shorten it up =D o btw i love glee ^_^ at a young age i was tossed from foster family to foster family. my real parents needed money at that time i was around 1 and 1/2 so they sold me to their friend who found that she could not raise me and put me in foster care. all together i have been into 15 different foster care homes. i got into street dancing around the age of 10. the foster family that i was living with then lived in Harlem where i met a bunch of ppl that street danced (i think they are still there). since i did not like going home i would sometimes spend my time with them. they taught me how to break dance, hip hop, and popping. of course it took me a long time to learn how to dance, but i eventually learned and started dancing on the streets for money. at one point in my life i earned enough money to buy a plane ticket to japan (ok that's a lie, my friends helped me of course but i earned about 3/4 of the money). anyway once in japan i found my real family who after finding out my name and me telling them that i was their daughter, kicked me out and slammed the door on me. ok this just got kinda depressing....but i learned that thru this experience i could accomplish anything. which is y i keep dancing. thankfully i am living with my bestie for life now where we both train in dance =D

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