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I don't understand what's wrong about boys and girls being in the same class!  There is nothing wrong with it! Sure we fight a lot but in the end we will always be good friends! I was in classes with boys for 7 years, nothing happened! We are all people! Boy's and girls don't have a lot of differences! It's like saying a boy and a girl can't be best friends! OF CORES IT IS POSSIBLE!

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Think about this, what if some of the boys were your friends and you wanted to be near them.
What if the girls/boys were mean to you and you were friends with most of the other gender.,
If girls/boys are going to get distracted, move away from that person,
And all boys arnt messy and mess up your work. Thats a stereotype. 

Sometimes I pretend to be normal,
but it gets boring...
So i go back to being me!

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