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Spongebob is a bad influence for kids!!!!

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April, 2013
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I'm not saying hes "Bad" ,but hes not the best. On some episodes He does kinda act Gay with Patrick. I mean my Brother dosent let his kid watch him because of that same reason. Honestly if it was my kid I wouldn't really care ,but some people take that stuff seriously.

Spongebob is a bad influence for kids!!!!

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"riley8915" wrote:

"NachozRule" wrote:

yep not 15 
hmm well looking at your profile picture and the way you act towards other poeple i can tell that your not 13 your probably about 9 AND you came to this website to cyber bully poeple and be a fake to feel powerful SO back off no one likes someone who is mean to EVERYONE

yep 100% not 15

H3H3H3H3 >:]

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