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Teen Magazines Send the Wrong Message

Celebs cartoon
Posted about 5 years ago

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Do you think that magazines marketed for teen girls send the wrong message? 

Posted about 5 years ago

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I don't think so. I've been reading Teen Vouge and Seventeen since I was 6! The only effect on me is better makeup and fashion sense smile

Totally cute.

This kitten's adorable sorcery will make you yawn.

Stop resisting.


Posted about 5 years ago

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Default girl
I read Little Angel, Girl Power, Total Girl, DOLLY & Girlfriend. They're all positive. It just matters if you get weight loss magazines, the ones I read talk about movies, advice and hanging out with friends.
My current magazines are talking about The Croods & how to spot a liar. I don't think they send a bad messages.

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