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Gay rights...Aloud or Abolished?

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Posted about 5 years ago

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Well I don't think redheadness or lefthandedness should be "allowed"...

There are few of this generation that feel it should not be allowed - unless you are the Boy Scouts.

It's the adults who feel this way, who teach us to hate.  Who insist on their right to pass laws denying gays basic human rights.  If there is something that shouldn't be allowed, it's adults.  smile

Posted about 5 years ago

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Default girl
People are people. Everyone is equal and deserves to be treated as such. Love is love, no matter what.  Leave people alone. Let them be who they are. If you can't accept someone for who they are, then that's a serious problem. Be who you are. No matter what. Love whoever you want, regardless of gender. And NO ONE deserves to have their rights taken away because for being gay. And anyone who dares to even try to take those rights away is just pathetic in my book. It's who they are, and you can't change that.

I'm just a prisoner in this jail cell of a planet.

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