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l wanna be shemale heeee Tongue Out

l cant believe that l`m a fool again.l thought this would never end .how was l to know .u never told me babe !

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guy and proud

bye hehe gtg

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(I found this on a website. Please bare in mind that this is just a joke).

Boys can sit in front of a scary movie and not close their eyes once.

Boys don't have to sit down every time they go.
Boys don't get embarrassed easily.
Boys can go to the bathroom in the woods.
Boys can climb trees better.
Boys can hang onto their stomachs on fast rides.
Boys don't worry about diet this and diet that.
Boys are better tractor drivers than girls.
Boys rite better than girls.
Boys can build better forts than girls.
Boys can take pain better than girls.
Boys are way more cooler.
Boys have less fits.
Boys don't waste their life at the mall.
Boys aren't afraid of reptiles.
Boys shave more than girls.
Boys don't do all those wiggly movements when they walk.
Boys don't scratch.
Boys don't braid each others hair.
Boys aren't smart alecks.
Boys don't cry and feel sorry when they kill a fly.
Boys don't use as much deodorant.
Boys were created first.
Boys learn to make funny noises with their armpits faster.
Boys can tie better knots specially girls pony tails.
Boys get to blow up more stuff.
Without boys there would be no babies. (Now there is a new thought).
Boys eat with a lot of heart.
Boys don't whine.
Boys hum best.
Boys are proud of their odor.

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I'd rather be a guy. period free and mood swings free. AND YOU'RE FREE TO NOT TO WEAR ANY GLITTERY SKIRTS -__- I hate wearing those stuffs.

I don't know, you can just put some quote in for me.

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