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Opinions On Online Dating..

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Before I continue stating my opinion, I would be happy to know that people do understand the fact that I am not encouraging kids on here to go against the rules and date on KW. I strongly advice them not to because there are people on this site who work hard to make this site a much appreciated safe site for kids. And as online dating MAY have its bad effects on young minds they do not allow you on here. 
Online dating can be dangerous but I'm not against it. Its dangerous for those people who would JUST date someone because they were asked out without knowing anything at all about that person. Not even the basics! Its bad for people who would JUST simply trust someone for the sake of trusting.
Its for people who are mature enough and can the tell difference between water and milk. 
Online dating or edating is a big part of our society now with advanced technology and more people spend time on their devices then at a coffee shop hanging about. I wouldn't dare say that majority edaters have ended badly. In fact, some have ended up marrying each other and living together with tiny kids on their feet and they are a happy family. At the same time, some have ended up with broken hearts as the some people does portray a wrong image of themselves but even the genius criminal leave behind a clue, its just up to you to pick it up and do your homework to decide upon their real face.
Love is love. Where you meet, where you've been and what you've doesn't matter when you are in love. No, not in a single manner I'm talking about 'love' between teens (and preteens) who would cheat on each other and date a thousand other people at the same time. I'm talking about those people who know how to pick themselves when they fall down and stay faithful in a relationship. People who knows the difference between infatuation and love because they are different.
And personally, I try my best to stay away from online predators as much as I can and I wouldn't say I would JUST date someone I met yesterday cause they have a really good pictures with a hot guy and talks nicely. Know the person, for a long time, before you even think of going for a relationship. I would strongly advice you to at least know the person for 4 years or more. NOT LESS.
Know the person, talk to them, find out those little things about them that other people don't know and if something sounds fishy, give a chance to explain themselves and talk to your mates to see if they believe the story told to you before taking an action. Research about the person. Know the person inside out before jumping into a relationship. Know whether you are capable of this because it may be a huge responsibility for your little shoulders.
One more thing, I wouldn't recommend anyone under the age of 15 to edate without their parents acknowledgment about what you do online! They may be strict with you, but its for your own good and they've seen more of the world than you have so put some trust in them before putting trust in someone you've just met online.

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