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Is yelling at kids as harmful as spanking them?

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Posted almost 3 years ago

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I just think spanking is as bad. Because spanking hurts very much and make children scared of the one that does it to them, but yelling is as bad because it doesn't heal, you always will remember how you have been shouted at. But yelling to children to come down to eat or something is okay, but definitely not yelling at them when they have done a mistake.

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Posted almost 3 years ago

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Posted almost 3 years ago

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"Pink_Kitty" wrote:

"-ItsMona-" wrote:

Sure, but both shouldn't be done. They're both horrible, and things parents have to avoid doing. cx

You are right. We can be talked to. We are people too. BUT SOMETIMES, I think getting grounded for a long time is worse. Do you think?

This is a HARD question to answer. Mona, IKR!  I have screaming matches with my mom.  i get grounded or my stuff taken away. I feel the same way as you all do.

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In my opinion, it is. Children can be easily put off or emotionally hurt, this coming from personal experience. Parents do most of the yelling, but the child will feel very guilty. My teacher scolds me all the time for chatting too much, but, since I am used to it, but the first time my teacher, who really does resemble the hulk, shouted at me, I felt like crying.

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In my opinion, yes. You can easily see if the child has healed when someone has hurt them physically. Bruises can heal visibly, but you can't really see what damage has been done emotionally when you yell at them. Idk that's just what I think.

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