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"baekhyunnie" wrote:

"AlphaT" wrote:

Might as well. After all, you're the one that does the time for it, right?

I was making the comparison, and it's a pretty clear cut one. Hope it helped.

Hm, true.
You've got a point there.
(; Now if only I could hear that more often around here XD
But, yeah, it can be kind of hard to take it all in. On the one hand, a bully could say "Why don't you just kill yourself" and it could send someone over the edge; but can they really be at fault completely for the death of someone? Surely more than just telling this person to do it played into the cause.

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In my opinion, this is a dumb question. Unless the bully got their hands on a mind-control device, each individual is still responsible for their own actions. If I commit suicide because my boyfriend left me, should he get charged for murder? If I kill myself because I lost my job, can one of my family members sue my ex-employer? What happened to personal responsibility?

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