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Does violence in video games, tv, movies, etc effect society? (postive or negative)

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August, 2013
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I think it may have an effect on society. I am kind of torn on how to answer this. Some people have a difficult time on how to separate their times playing video games and their time in reality but I don't think it just happens like that. I have seen things in the news about people who were too obsessed in playing video games that they made a choice that they would probably regret for the rest of their life. Now I feel like some people on here and myself are only talking about the video games part instead of the television and movies part so I will talk about that now as well. I feel like television and movies don't make as big as an impact as video games does on the question you are asking but I haven't seen all television shows and movies so I could be wrong. I am not saying that if you play a video game, you will be messed up for life. Nothing like that. Video games actually help people at times, believe it or not. So I think there are pros and cons on playing video games with violence and watching the television and movies with violence.

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Does violence in video games, tv, movies, etc effect society? (postive or negative)

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Younger children learn via imitation, therefore they would learn how to be violent and that would be a negative effect. The reason video games and television shows have ratings for "18+" is because once you reach a certain age, your psychological development changes to become less of a "learn via imitation" to more of a "learn by morals w/ experience." Therefore, the effects could be negative OR positive. Video games have been proven to allow one to relax and expand their minds. It is true, though, that certain video games have values that make you want to sock someone in the face, but that's why one must have developed morals to counter that. Television: as long as you know it's fake, you're all good. Same with movies. The effect changes by what state of mind you're in. Therefore, it is impossible to tell whether or not there is a positive or negative social effect on society.

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Does violence in video games, tv, movies, etc effect society? (postive or negative)

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June, 2013
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It definitely has a negative effect on society. Seeing a lot of blood and violence desensitizes the viewer to such and increases the likelihood of them being able to hurt someone as they've seen.



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