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Why More School Is A TERRIBLE idea!

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I support more school if that's the direction we're heading in, although what we really need is not more school, but better school. Without trying to brag, I, personally, am a 'smart kid' and what I get out of school just isn't enough to stimulate me - I've barely learned a thing in the past few years, yet I continue to ace tests. I already skipped a grade, years ago, and so they're reluctant to give me much more, although all my teachers know that I clearly need it. If only the system was better set up, with a performance-based system rather than an age-based system, this whole thing would be so much better for everyone. The kids who are struggling could take things slower, while the kids who already know the material/learn quickly could skip ahead with ease.

Unfortunately, this is not a reality that could happen with the funding we have today. Frown

I never really bothered with people much. Maybe I can learn.

Why More School Is A TERRIBLE idea!

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You are right. More school is a terrible idea. Better school would be better. Our system now sucks. Probably why so many kids hate school. We need a system where it gauge your initial knowledge and puts you on track to learn at your pace and what you need to learn.

Example: Have a preliminary test that tests all the major subjects English, Math, Science, etc. Say a student does bad in Math and does better in all the other subjects. We now know that we need to focus on math more than the others. Still teach the student the other subjects to make sure he is where everybody else should be at but focus heavily on math more than the others. And really help him. If the teachers see him struggling, talk to him and reteach it. Really get him to learn it. 

Unfortunately, as stated above, that could not happen with the current funding. And the fact that we would have to convince them that it's a system that works.

I personally go to the best school in Nevada and possibly the best magnet school in America. At least in the top three. Everybody at the school struggles in something. It's mainly the teachers but, some of the stuff people genuinely don't know. The school is tough. You have to practically devote your life to the school depending on the classes you take. I take the bare minimal because I know I wouldn't be able to motivate myself to actually do it.


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