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"Bullying will end" Agree or Disagree

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April, 2013
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Probably this will end if judgemental people end their lives. Ah, being a bully for me, is some kind of psychological disorder. This will end if every human being starts being nice to everyone. I disagree, it'll take time to end such a matter.

I don't know, you can just put some quote in for me.

"Bullying will end" Agree or Disagree

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March, 2013
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I can't express how much I disagree with the statement "Bullying will end."

"bullying - Verb

Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants

It's always been present. Someone bigger, badder and meaner will always push around the weaker for their own gain. A quick look at a history book would tell you that. Not just in schools; everywhere.

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